Oh, Georgia

I did it y'all! A little over a month ago I sent files to testers, created buzz, and released my first paid for English Paper Piecing quilt pattern Georgia. Like Oddette , my free EPP pattern, Georgia is the second on the line of Art Deco era but she has all the curves that Oddette dosent have!

A lot of people get SUPER nervous when working with curves but these curves are so big it's SUPER easy to do!

Today I finally got all me ducks in a row and took pictures of my current Georgia packing. I have had inquiries about pre-cut pieces so I decided to buy a Cricut cutter and start making my own, made to order, pre-cut 4 packs of Georgia! Now to finalize the price and get these suckers listed!

The Georgia EPP Instant Download PDF is available in my Etsy shop!