Updated: Jun 13, 2019

The "roaring 20's" have always been a time in history I would love to visit! At least before the Stock Market crash of 1929. The flapper girls, fast cars, jazz, speakeasies, and all around wild youth. Then you have the Art Deco movement. This above would be o.k. to indulge a day or two but I would be far more interested int he Art Deco architecture, fashion, and jewelry of the era.

Art Deco with its ultra symmetrical, defined lines with bold contrasting colors and textures would definitely rank in many textile based creatives books.

It was this love of Art Deco that spurred me to create English Paper Piecing patterns that would fit into the era seamlessly and at the same time bringing it into the Modern quilting world.

This first EPP pattern I have created is called Odette. To download your copy of Odette click below or in the menu bar above click the EPP Pattern to be taken to a download page. This pattern is %100 free to anyone who wants to create their own EPP projects with it. Please share your creations with a call out to me @sewthishappened and tag with #odetteepp

I have more Art Deco inspired EPP patterns in the works! Stay tuned!