Moody Meadow

I don't work with batiks. They have never really 'spoken' to me. Until, I received my Brimfield Meadows EPP in he mail. Meadows came the same day that I had visited my local quilt shop and was aimlessly walking circles round and round looking for something to start talking. With my path blocked my other shoppers I had to take a detour through the batiks section and there they were just a jabbering pile of moody blue, gray, and green batiks. So, I piled them all together and asked for a yard each.

At this point I had not decided to use them for my Meadows. I just know that if I would have walked out without those moody batiks I would keep thinking about them. Later, I sat down with the Meadows EPP at my computer and started playing with the negative spaces that can be made when pieces of the block were not used. As I worked I kept placing darker colors in the different sections, moving them around thinking about the contrasts. Moody Contrasts. Thus Moody Meadows was made.

Brimfield Awakening, Brinfield Meadows
Brimfield Meadows - Moody Meadow Layout

I'm still deciding on what background fabric to use to appliqué these onto. Lets see what the future holds for this one.