Micro EPP Kit

One of my top three places to get some good stitch time it is while traveling. 4-hour drive? Ha! Like 4 hours deep dive into some serious tiny stitches time! But there is only so much room in that passenger side footwell for my project bag and EPP kit. So, I decided to make my own micro kit that has my EPP needs covered from point A to B.

While at my local quilt show I picked up this Ruby Star Society tin thinking I could somehow make use of it for something. Months went by until I finally unearthed it from the depths of my sewing table. When I did it was laying beside a spool of Aurifil 80 weight thread that looked like it could fit perfectly inside. And ya know what? It did!

Not only did the thread fit but EVERYTHING else that I needed to EPP on the go did too!

Don‘t get me wrong I love to have multiples of everything and anything I could possibly need in a big ol’, multi-compartmented EPP sewing bag but sometimes it’s nice to have just want you need and nothing more.

Tin: Ruby Star Society

Thread: Aurifil 80 wt

Thread Gloss: Unicorn Thread Gloss

Needles: Foxglove Cottage Straw 11

Finger Thread Cutter: Thread Cutterz

Little White Rectangle: Paper Tape