These Brimfield Girls... I just can't keep away from them! And I love it. They bring me challenges that make my winter dulled mind spark again.

The Girls reached out to me about helping them with the layout/math for a wall hanging they wanted to make with quilter/fabric designer Giucy Giuce. (you can find his amazing fabric at Fabric Bubb or Stash Fabrics) They received the FULL LINE of his fabric 'Quantum' and its just the cure for the winter blues in my opinion.

After some fussing the "Ecliptic' layout was born. Using 14 Baby Brimfields and 14 Bitty Brimfields.

I admit I lucked out and probably had the easiest part of this quilt top. Kim and Nisha made ALL the Baby and Bitty Brimfields before sending them to me to complete the layout by appliquéing them to the background fabric. Not to mention we double lucked out that

I have included in this post a diagram and a point line for this layout.

The most important one is the point line. To create these circles you must line up the points of the Brimfield a certain way. It may look complicated but it is all a symmetrical mirror of itself. Just take your time and prepare to fuss a little to get everyone in position.

No matter how carful you are on sewing your pieces together none will probably be the exact same. Some point may end up touching and some may be a hairs breath. It will still look awesome no matter what.

What you will need to make ‘Ecliptic”

14 Bitty Brimfield

14 Baby Brimfield

42” x WOF

Batting and batting greater than 42” x 42”

5 - 2.5” strips for binding

I will say this now… I’m a lazy quilter… to an extent and in ‘Ecliptics’ case I was lazy.

I first I cut my background fabric to be the same length as it was salvage to salvage. This way I had extra fabric if iI would need it to square up with later. Then (here is the lazy part) I folded the background fabric in half ironed the fold; opened it up folded the other way and ironed that fold. Effectively making registration marks for the middle of the height and width of the fabric.


I then started placing my Baby Brimfields. This is where the fussing comes in I started with the Brimfield that would be in the center of the vertical line and the Brimfield that would be to the right that would just touch the horizontal registration mark.

Placing the Brimfields in between those two and started fussing them around until they made a nice arc then moved on around creating a circle.

Once I was happy with their placement I VERY CAREFULLY glue basted them down with some Roxanne Glue Baste. But you can use any glue or method that you prefer.

When everything is dry take the piece to your machine and start appliquéing it all down.

When the Baby Brimfields are all secure do the same method with the Bitty Brimfields.

Pull the strings to the back, tie off and boom you have your finished quilt top ready to be basted into its quilt sandwich.

What I really love about the layout ‘Ecliptic’ is that it looks so complicated but really its all about just a little patience to make a huge impact!

If you decide to make an 'Ecliptic' of your own don't forget to tag it!!

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